Intellectual Property

Need to protect your patents and copyrights?
Orgal’s close cooperation with law enforcement entities, the Israel Police's Financial Crimes Division, customs and tax authorities in Israel and abroad combine with our experienced investigative staff, professional teams, and skilled contacts we operate around the world in order to investigate and expose intellectual property violations at all stages, from planning to execution.

International Investigations

Searching for someone or something in Israel or abroad?
Orgal handles all the various kinds of international investigations you need quickly and efficiently, regardless of where you are on the globe.  Our collaboration with well-known private investigators in North and South America, Europe, and the Far East, our membership in the Israel Bureau of Private Investigators and the International Federation of Associations of Private Investigators, as well as the abundance of international resources available to us - allow us to carry out any mission successfully. 

Financial Investigations

Plan on acquiring a company or asset abroad?
Any business that places an importance on evaluating its steps carefully before entering into a business contract will find the commercial and financial investigations conducted by Orgal as the perfect tool designed to save time and money and prevent financial losses and mental anguish. Our diverse advanced solutions enable banks, corporations, receivers and liquidators to make the best decisions based on the most reliable and up-to-date information.

Industrial Espionage

Have a feeling that your competitor knows everything about you?
Orgal provides corporations and companies with crucial information and insights that enable them to better understand and weigh all the benefits and risks associated with any new business opportunity.  Our business intelligence is based on facts that we gather on the field, conclusions based on in-depth analysis of information both readily available and hidden, and an international network of investigators, experts, and prominent multi-disciplinary teams with whom we collaborate in areas such as business consultation, economics, research, intelligence, law, technology, regulation, etc.

Locating lost assets

Looking for an asset your grandfather might bought years ago in Israel?
Our expertise in locating lost property is based on decades of experience in which we have assisted many heirs in locating their lost property. We have represented them among various bodies that are doing everything within their power to continue holding on to the property and we have successfully returned the property to their rightful hands.