Orgal Information & Security Services 1995

We specialize in providing investigative, information and security services to business organizations in both the private and public sectors in Israel and around the world

The Services we provide

Orgal’s experienced investigators will gather for you the facts, data, and proof from every corner of the globe with dedication, efficiency, and confidentiality, using an extensive contact network and the most advanced investigative methods and technologies

Recommended us

  • "I'ts my duty to recommend Mr. Albert Tuito and the Orgel Security & Information Service.
    My office handles complex legitimacy portfolios, liquidation portfolios and insolvency procedures with the help of Orgal services for many years now.
    escpacially in preparation for cross-examination and investigation activities complex. Orgal's treatment is professional, personal, discreet and bring beneficial results"

    Shaul Kotler, Lawyer
    Shaul Kotler, Lawyer
    Shaul Kotler Law Firm
  • "We and and Albert the owner of Orgal known each other from years of joins work.
    We can only express the satisfaction of our firm and our clients from Orgla's quick, professional work.
    Equally important to note the comportment of Albert and his willingness to help and assist whenever needed and in any matter.
    We strongly recommend to use the company's services!"

    Yeal Muller, Lawyer
    Yeal Muller, Lawyer
    Shimoni Co. - Law Office
  • "I would like to thank Orgel for your loyal work.
    Reliability, dependability, integrity and diligence accompanied his way and his work. His professional and uncompromising work and his aiming to find out every detail that might shed light and help.
    Thanks to the investigations carried out by them we have have always achieved the best.
    Good to know there is someone to rely on in times of trouble!"

    Moshe Gliko, Lawyer
    Moshe Gliko, Lawyer
    M.gliko Co.
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